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Play iPhone Apps on PC Using A Number Of Popular Emulators In the Market Today

Just as you would run native apps on your iPhone or iPad, you can run them on your PC or Mac. However, this is not an easy trick without using an emulator or simulator. You can say that this is magic, but you can actually do it on your own.

This can be done using some popular emulators to run on your Windows PC. An emulator is an app or software that would allow a computer system to enable the host system in order to run or use software or devices designed for a particular operating system or OS.

An emulator differs from a simulator due to some notable features. The emulator would mimic the environment both software and hardware in the corresponding host devices. Simulators, on the other hand, only copy the software environment. Due to this development, emulators are used to substitute or to acquire the exact experience of a particular device, while simulators are used to study and analyze.

iOS emulators are advantageous and there are proofs that the number of emulators available now is increasing. Here are a few popular emulators often used for testing the iOS platform.


One of the most famous iOS emulators to offer basic functionalities for the Windows operating system is Smartface. It enables users to create limitless apps without any cost and it is so easy to use. Just install the app on the host device via the App Store and connect it after to the Windows device. However, iTunes should be installed on both devices so that they can work together. Developers will then be able to create native apps via Smartface the moment the iOS has been emulated into the Windows device.

MobiOne Studio

One of the easiest and most versatile to use software for emulation of different iOS apps is the app called MobiOne. It can also help developers create iOS applications with ease. More than half-a-million developers and designers have used this application since 2009, as it has multiple unique capabilities. Such would include the customized user interface templates using drag-and-drop functionality for both landscape and portrait orientations.

Air iPhone

Among the best programs to have made very realistic emulation effects is the Air iPhone emulator. It works with the help of the Adobe Air framework as it recreates the GUI of the chosen iOS on the computer running Windows. It is an important app for developers to upload newly developed applications to the Air iPhone before releasing it in order to experience how it would look and feel.

iPhone Simulator

This app works as handy tool to provide access to other famous applications like the calculator, clock, and notepad, among others. As it seems to be a simulator using the iOS platform, it is only a basic application with some basic limitations. It is not a very useful app for developers when it comes to advanced features like debugging. However, it would still give the basic functionality for those who would want to try out the iOS platform before even investing in an iOS device.

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  1. Michael Bogdanovych

    Some online games available on IOS or Android are worth trying them on a large screen. Here emulators may help to take the full advantage of such games.

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