SuperVPN Free VPN Client Windows 10 Download

As one of the more popular free VPN apps for Android users, it’s not a surprise that SuperVPN Free VPN Client already has around 100 million downloads. Half a million users also gave it a whopping 4.2 rating as average from its Google Play page.

Among the features that make it attractive to users is that it can be installed without any cost at all. Even though you see a lot of ads, its use is totally free and you can access all its functionalities without restrictions for the first twenty days. However, when that allotted time lapses, your sessions will expire every 60 minutes. That means, you can to restart your VPN session with a tap of the finger.

Another drawback of SuperVPN Free VPN Client Windows 10 Download is that the free service is only available in four locations namely, US, Canada, France, and Germany. Those who upgrade to a monthly VPN subscription can get servers in England and Japan.

What are SuperVPN Free VPN Client features?

Aside from the free install, other main features that you can take advantage of:

– provide secure and safe Internet connection

– hide your IP address and protect your privacy better

– access normally restricted websites and hide your activities while browsing

– Internet censorship can be bypassed, giving you more freedom without leaving you vulnerable to breaches

Here’s a way for SuperVPN Free VPN Client Windows 10 Download:

  • You need to have an Android emulator or BlueStacks on your Windows computer first
  • If you don’t have a stable connection, simply install the Bluestacks Offline Installer
  • Install the pack when everything has been completely downloaded
  • When your gmail address is added in BlueStacks, you can simply type in “SuperVPN” by streaming
  • Install the app on BlueStacks by clicking
  • After that, the installation is already finished and you can access your apps area so that you can download the SuperVPN app

Make a test run immediately after the download is complete so that you’ll know that you’re successfully finished with the SuperVPN Free VPN Client Windows 10 Download.

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