Top 10 Cydia Apps of 2017 for Your iPhone or iPad

Apple has a lot of restriction when it comes to their core OS, so users cannot juggle as the want with the operating system. But it can all be changed by using a jailbroken OS. If you’re enjoying a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, then you should try these top 10 apps on Cydia to improve your experience and customize your OS.

Cydia is the best store to get apps to add settings, tweaks and other features to your jailbroken device, things you cannot find on Apple Store.

  1. Activator

Activator is a great Cydia tweak for your iPhone. This app will activate alarms for you and help you with other many actions on your phone, such as changing songs with volume buttons and more. It works for iOS 10 too!

  1. BioProtect

BioProtect is an app that will allow you to access apps with Touch ID. You can open apps like Photos, WhatsApp or Videos and Facebook Messenger with a Touch ID and open them safely, protecting your privacy. BioProtect works on iOS 8 or later. However, it is not a free app – it costs about around $2.99.

  1. 3D Touch Notifications

3D Touch Notifications is among the best Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 10, iOS 10.1.1/10.2.1. You can reveal hidden menus with long pressing on an app. It will help you better interact with the notifications on the lock screen and notification center using the 3D Touch. This tweak will let you see a pop menu for the app that you long press on it. It’s compatible with the next apps: FaceTime, Calendar, Messages, Mail, Phone, Recent and it costs around 1.5 USD.

  1. Cream 2

This app is the latest version of Cream and it works on all iOS 10 versions (10, 10.1.1/10.2.1 etc.). It will add color to the Control Center and you’ll get to see different colors to Toggles, all coming in a color of your own preference.

  1. Carrot

One of the best Cydia tweaks of 2017 is this app which will add two buttons on your Control Center: Shuffle and Repeat to control music on either your iPhone or iPad without the need to unlock your device.

  1. AttachmentFlow

You will love AttachmentFlow when you’ll need to see attachments from emails straight from the Inbox View. With this app you can regularly send and receive attachments and see them without opening them. It supports a lot of formats (for photos, music, images, videos, documents etc.), and it will show you the name of those attachments in the preview mode.

  1. Postman

Along with the previous app, Postman will help you more: it will manually check for new emails and it will send you a notification whenever you receive new emails.

  1. AppLocker

Use AppLocker to protect your privacy and have no worry when it comes to pictures and videos. It uses a high-level passcode and it also supports Touch ID. It’s compatible with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 7S and 7S Plus and if you don’t have Touch ID on your iPhone, you can just use the password feature.

  1. Bigify

Change the sizes of your icons on the home screen with Bigify. Rotate your screen to landscape mode and customize your iOS. Rotate the icons, make them transparent and display a theme for the background with this app. There are two versions: one that supports older iOS – from 4 to 8 and the other one that supports iOS 8 to iOS 10.2.1 and newer.

  1. iCleaner

Clean your iPhone or iPad and get rid of the junk with iCleaner. It will free some space on your iOS with a few taps. iCleaner will preserve your privacy and you can just choose which apps you want to clean. You can clean Temporary Internet files, cache, and browsing history on your browser. Enhance the RAM by removing images and other iTunes Art Files. The app supports older versions of iOS, and it is compatible even with the latest iOS 10 versions.

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