How to Update Antivirus Software on Windows 10

Have you wondered if Windows Defender is up-to date? Do you have to manually update it? Let’s see 3 ways of keeping Windows Defender updated and how you can do it.

Usually Windows Defender receives regular updates, but users should check the latest security definitions. The updates on Windows 10 are automatically getting installed on your PC, but sometimes they may fail. And if you don’t do it manually, you won’t be notified of any missing updates or malfunctions.

Here is how to check if Windows Defender is updated

  1. Press ‘Windows’ key + ‘S’ -> type ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Open ‘Control Panel’ -> go to ‘Security and Maintenance’.
  3. Expand ‘Security’ section -> check the status of the antivirus.
  4. Expand ‘Maintenance system’ -> check when your antivirus was last time updated.

If your anti-virus is updated, it’s worth to see the methods below and know how to update it manually when you’ll be in need.

Check for Windows Updates

Installing Windows Defender Updates is easy with checking for updates to see if there are any updates for the antivirus as well.

  1. Press ‘Windows’ key + I -> select Update & Security
  2. Click ‘Click Check for updates’ and wait until the scan finishes.

If there are Windows Defender definitions detected, you will be notified:

“Definition Update for Windows Defender – KB267602 (Definition 1.213.1379.0)” – the numbers will change each time there are new definitions.

  • Install Updates With Windows Defender
  • Press ‘Windows’ key + S -> write ‘Windows Defender Security Center’.
  • Open ‘Windows Defender Security Center’ -> click ‘Virus & Threat Protection’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Protection updates’ and select it.
  • Click ‘Check for Updates’ and wait while for the scan to finish.
  • Install Windows Defender definitions from the Official Microsoft Website

Go to the official Microsoft’s website and install Windows Defender definitions from the section ‘Definition updates for Windows Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware’.

Choose between 32-bit or 64-bit and check for the version of your antivirus.

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