WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” Can Be Hacked to Work After 7 Minutes

We’ve all been grateful when WhatsApp has introduced their amazing new feature which allowed us to recall our wrong text to people. This option was released in an update last year by the Facebook-owned app company and it lets us recall those messages we’ve sent by mistake.

And not only you can use it in individual chats, but it also works in group chat. The issue is that it will only for the messages you’ve sent in the last 7 minutes. Any message that was sent after those 7 minutes will no longer be able to be revoked.

WhatsApp will not offer a solution to prolong the wait, but there is a Spanish blog which has found a way to help us out. The blog is called Android Jefe and they say it’s a bug that will allow users to delete messages, even after the 7 minutes have passed. However, it also has a time limit: 7 days! Yeah, that is an improvement, we can agree with this one!

We’ll explain what the blog suggests you to do if you want to try it out. Let’s see how the hack works:

1. Disconnect from any internet connection on your phone – Wi-Fi/Mobile Data

2. Under Settings you will see App. Tap on WhatsApp and then on Force Stop.

3. Go to Date & Time (under Settings) and change the date and time to the ones that your sent message in WhatsApp has.

4. Go to that message you want to delete and long press it. Select ‘Delete for Everyone’ and it will get deleted.

We tried it and it actually works!

As for how long will it take WhatsApp to fix this bug, we don’t know it. It’s understandable for large companies to have bugs in their developed apps, as they have billions of users that will surely discover bugs and how to exploit them. WhatsApp will fix this soon, since the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature wasn’t meant to follow this behavior.

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