United Cyber Caliphate Hackers Have Low Hacking Skills

Security experts have analyzed the coding skills of members of hacker groups under the banner United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) and they have concluded that their capabilities are very low level. ISIS hacking groups are not well prepared and the tools they develop are poor in quality.

Experts believe ISIS members have low IT capabilities

Kyle Wilhoit, senior security researcher at Domain Tools, explained, during a speech at DerbyCon hacking conference, that ISIS member no longer try to make their own communication and hacking tools because they are every easy to hack and they lack the skills.

He said that hackers belonging to the UCC group are not properly trained and their coding skills are lacking. So far ISIS hackers managed to create three communication apps and trivial malware full of bugs.

Encrypting software and malware is definitely not their forte; their apps are full of vulnerabilities and almost useless.  UCC members developed a version of OGP called Mujahideen Secrets, responding this way to NSA surveillance and the DDOS tool: Caliphate cannon.

ISIS members use mainstream communication systems

Due to the fact that ISIS members are not good hackers, they use mainstream SNS such as Telegram and Russian email service.

There are several ISIS hacking groups already discovered by experts such as: The Caliphate Cyber Army, the Islamic State hacking Division, The Islamic Cyber Army and the Sons of the Caliphate Army are just some of them.

The senior security researcher at Domain Tools also said that Facebook usually takes down terrorist accounts within the first 12 hours, while Twitter shuts them down before they start messaging. Within the first six months of this year, Twitter suspended 299,000 accounts linked to terrorism, 75% of them before the first tweet. So far, ISIS is not strong enough in the online community.

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